Brandon and Katy have been married for almost 7 years. They had a nice villa on long island. Brandon was the CEO of a multibillion dollars firm which handled importing and exporting of luxurious sport cars. And Katy was an entrepreneur, she had her own boutique. She took her free time to maintain her family, her home, her husband and her married life.

HER FANTASYKaty had a reddish blond hair, a perfect round butt and a large D-Cup breast which gave her an amazing figure that could make a guy cum from a mile away. She was in her late twenties and she worked out a lot. Brandon had a tall muscular build with broad shoulders and large biceps. His blue eyes marched his thick black hair; he had a well-groomed beard and was in his early 30s.

Katy has always told Brandon of her fantasy and craving for a BDSM experience and one day, Brandon decided to give her a taste of it.

One lovely night, Brandon prepared a mouthwatering dinner and they both ate, it was a accompanied with a lot of wine and laughter. Eventually they got into bed and slept off cuddling each other.

She woke up some minutes later to get some water and coming back to the room, she quietly slipped into bed, trying not to wake him up.

Which turned out to be rather pointless, since he grabbed her by the throat moving himself on top of her only moments after she had cuddled up to him.

“Isn’t it a little late for this?” She asked smiling, as he took her hands and held them above her head.

“It is never too late to give you a taste of the domination you desired earlier.” He answered before leaning down and kissing her forcefully, biting her lip and taking her breath away.

She felt safe and at peace, with the weight of his body pressing down on her and her hands held above her head. Even though she was exhausted from the long day, she welcomed the feeling of his other hand moving down her body. Down her belly, her leg, then up her inner thigh. He easily moved a hand under her short nightie, which was barely long enough to cover her ass anyway, and pulled her panties to the side, rubbing his hand over her slit.

She felt herself getting wet immediately, heat building up inside her, and let out disappointed sigh when he broke the kiss, his hand still moving.

“You are just now getting wet? You are supposed to always be wet and ready for me, haven’t you been doing your exercises?” He said in a mockingly outraged tone.

“I’m sorry Daddy. I’ve masturbated two times this morning, without letting myself cum, but I was at the office during the day just like you, I really had no time. Please forgive me.” She pleaded.

It was only half the truth, it really had been a busy day, but she could have taken 10min out of it to masturbate in one of the toilet stalls. She had done so before numerous times, but she liked to always disobey him just a little bit, giving him a reason to punish her.

“That is no good. I told you to edge at least three times a day. You have been a bad girl, and you need to be punished for that.”

“Yes Daddy.” She said, trying to sound and look scared and guilt ridden, instead of excited and eager for what he would do to her. She knew he liked that, just as he knew how to push her buttons in all the right ways.

“Go turn on the lights and bring me restraints, a paddle and some clothespins.”

She did so. Strutting slowly through the room, swaying her hips and bowing lower than necessary to pick things up, giving him a good look at her ass; the string she was wearing did nothing to cover her round ass from his view.

When she came back, kneeling down before the bed and presenting the things she had gathered with outstretched arms, she hung head down submissively. The Hair hanging down before her face hid her pleased grin, at seeing through his underpants how hard her little teasing display had made him.

Taking the assortment of things from her, she made an effort of giving her face a fearful yet eager expression before she looked up at him.

“I’m very sorry Daddy, I promise I will be a good girl and make it up to you. May I suck your dick Daddy?”

She was very proud of how she made her voice shaky and uncertain.

“Yes you may. After you have taken off all your clothes.”

It did not take her more than a few seconds to rid herself of the little fabric she wore.

She reached up and pulled down his pants, freeing his pulsing erection, and immediately started licking and sucking on it. Bobbing her head up and down, teasing the underside of his sensitive foreskin with her tongue, pushing his dick as far down her throat as it would go.

With her nose against his belly she only realized he had put one of the clothespins on her nipple when she felt the sharp pain run through it. She jerked, gagging on his cock and pulling back.

He looked down: “What’s wrong? Keep going!

The evil grin on his face made her shiver, and she felt herself growing wet, despite the now low pulsating pain emanating from her nipple.

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